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Due to an extremely high demand of campervan and truck conversions, we are currently unable to respond to all enquiries. Bookings are filled up to mid 2024. 

Because we can only work on one conversion at a time, we can’t possibly take on every job that comes our way. Because of this we have decided that only jobs that meet the following criteria will be considered for the 2024/25 schedule. 

Please note that all prices are for the fit out only. We do not supply the van for the conversion, and we don't sell ready made campers. All fitouts are commissioned bespoke conversions. 


Full build (with or without shower) 

A full build is a fully off grid setup, with all the necessary components to meet the LH11 motorhome registration criteria. Ie. Bed, dining area, cooking facilities.   


No partial work or renovations 

We will be unable to take on any jobs that are working within an existing build, or only carrying out certain aspects of the build.  


Reasonable Budget 

Full builds price range start at a basic package of $90k upwards. A full build at this price wouldn’t include a shower and would have our most basic lithium battery system. As an example, the majority of full builds come in at $110k, but these costs vary greatly depending on many factors, ie electrical set-up, custom pieces of furniture, finishing materials, skylights, aircon etc. 


Van size 

As full builds require a minimum amount of space to meet the functionality requirements, we will only be considering LWB vehicles with high roof. All vehicles are different too, as the Ford Transit LWB is actually much smaller than the Sprinter, around 900mm less in load length. Sprinters in our opinion are the best vehicle for converting, and will be prioritised over all other models.


Van payload 

As with the Van size, a pitfall some people encounter is the payload for the vehicle is actually quite low. 313 cdi sprinters have a substantially lower payload capacity to the 414cdi, which has 1724kg available and is essential to having the required allowance for a timber finish van. (not the lightweight laminate materials used in most factory conversions) 


Other things to consider 

As with most projects in the construction and manufacturing industry, labour is a huge portion of the budget. In order to keep costs down where possible we will avoid making custom cabinetry, doors and drawers, showers etc. Statement pieces are what make our vans special and unique, but these are the big ticket items of the build and should be chosen wisely to prevent the budget running away. We can fully customise all and any aspects of the build but the budget would reflect this. 


Front wheel drive vehicles by nature are lower to the ground than rear wheel drive, due to the lack of a differential. This means fitting underbody tanks is more restricted, and water carrying capacity can be compromised. 


Vans found on Instagram and YouTube from the USA are often amazing, and provide inspiration for so many people endeavouring to begin the vanlife. Just please be aware that Australian design rules (ADR) are some of the strictest in the world, and many things just aren't legal here in Australia. Ie log burning stoves. 


What next? 

So with all of this in mind we would ask that before enquiring for a booking slot in 2024, to have considered all of the above factors, and anything else that pertains to your particular requirements. We would also suggest that doing a van brief, with example layouts, mood boards etc as this would help with your design, and clients with a good vision of what they want, reasonable expectations of what is practical and financially viable are generally most successful in these projects. 

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