3D Modeling


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If you really enjoy the DIY aspect of building your own van, we can assist you with the design only. Working from a drawing is crucial to ensuring a van build goes to plan, saving time and money in the long run.


Many people fall into the trap of creating small sketches for each particular component and facing each task as it comes along. This can lead to issues when putting all of these components together. Many vans unknowingly even break the law, by incorrectly storing gas and too little ventilation with gas appliances. 

We can help design your van down to the millimetre, ensuring the best possible use of the space, as well as ensuring all of your legal obligations are met, and you can insure your van for what it’s actually worth to you.

These 3D models can be broken down to individual unit drawings, allowing the components to be built separately, and knowing that all the pieces will fit together just as shown in the 3D model.

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Custom Fitout Campervan Conversions

in Brisbane, Australia

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