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How we can help

If you're building your own van, but have never attempted anything like this before, we can help you along your build with the experience and the advice that will ultimately guide you to a problem free build and realising the full potential of the van you’re converting.

From the initial stages of preparation and the choices of materials & suppliers, to the execution of the build itself, we can guide you along the way. Our knowledge of cabinetry and appliances, solar, battery and DC electrical installations, regulations and requirements for mobile homes and campervans, can help you create the van of your dreams, without the stress of trying to find information, watching tutorials and hours of searching online for products. 

3 hr Self Build Consultation

If you need custom advice on building your own van, my video chat or phone consultations can talk you through the process.


Hours can be split as needed

eg 2 hours initial consultation plus 2 x 30 mins. 

1 hr Self Build Consultation

If you're self building and just have a few questions on specific tasks within electrical, plumbing, solar panels etc 

Tip: If you have item specifics like make & model numbers, make sure to have them handy for the consultation.

30 min Self Build Consultation $75

If you are completely stuck on one of your self build tasks and need me to talk you through it.

All Self Build Consultation Sessions are done via phone or video chat so it's super easy and we can help you no matter where you're located. 

Unfortunately we can only take on a few self build consultations every now and then but please fill in the form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours if we are able to fit you in. 

Self Build Consultation Request Form

Custom Fitout Campervan Conversions

in Brisbane, Australia

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